The following players were on the roster of the Elite Teams during their High School years, did Instruction with Elite or participated in the Annual Elite Baseball Series (EBS).  The EBS has been held at UC Irvine’s Anteater Ballpark and UCLA’s Jackie Robinson Stadium from 2008-present.  Some of the players on the list trained with Elite, played on the teams and participated in the EBS.

+2014 College Commitments

Rece Goodman, Mater Dei High School 2015, Committed to Navy
Elite Team and EBS Participant

Chris Murphy, Granda Hills High School 2016, Committed to Cal
EBS Participant

Dillon Brown, Foothill High School 2016, Committed to Nebraska
EBS Participant

Christian Molfetta, JSerra High School 2015, Committed to Stanford
EBS Participant

Cole Cardey, Riverside Arlington High School, 2016 Committed to San Diego
EBS Participant

Ryan Beyer, Glendora High School 2015, Committed to Pacific
EBS Participant

Ricky Rivera, Alta Loma High School 2016, Committed to Cal State Northridge
EBS Participant

Eric Wagaman, Aliso Niguel High School 2015, Committed to Chico State
EBS Participant

John Thomas, Harvard Westlake High School 2016, Committed to USC
EBS Participant

Dominic Potlongo, Esperanza High School 2015, Committed to Hope
EBS Participant

Kyle Oyama, El Toro High School 2015, Committed to Cal Baptist
EBS Participant

Jay Schuyler, Dana Hills High School 2015, Committed to University of San Diego
EBS Participant

Andrew Daschbach, Sacred Heart Prep 2016, Committed to Stanford
EBS Participant

Matt Schmidt, Regis Jesuit High School 2015, Committed to Texas
EBS Participant

Steven Gingery, Marina High School 2015, Committed to Texas Tech
EBS Participant

Tyler Murray, Huntington Beach High School 2015, Committed to Hawaii
EBS Participant

Nick Kahle, Chaminade High School 2016, Committed to Washington
EBS Participant

Ryan Mendoza, Birmingham High School 2016, Committed to Long Beach State
EBS Participant

Blake Sabol, Aliso Niguel High School 2016, Committed to USC
EBS Participant

Dylan Doherty, Foothill High School 2015, Committed to Cal Poly
EBS Participant

Brett Connie, El Modena High School 2015, Committed to Cal State Fullerton
EBS Participant

Sean Skelly, El Toro High School 2015, Committed to Tennessee
EBS Participant

Tyler Durna, Ayala High School 2015, Committed to UC San Diego
EBS Participant

Sam Cachola, Mater Dei High School 2017, Committed to Cal
EBS Participant

Chris Lincoln, Rancho Verde High School 2016, Committed to UCSB
EBS Participant

Matt Ryhlick, Mission Viejo High School 2015, Committed to Chapman
EBS Participant

Tyler Smith, St. John Bosco High School 2015, Committed to Pepperdine
EBS Participant

Cooper Moore, Huntington Beach High School 2015, Committed to Utah
EBS Participant

+2014 MLB Draft

2014 MLB Draft Selections for Elite Baseball

Alex Jackson 1st Round 6th overall, OF/C Rancho Bernardo HS, Seattle Mariners
EBS Participant

Matt Chapman 1st Round 25th overall, 3B Cal State Fullerton, Oakland A’s
Trained with Elite, Team and EBS Participant

Connor Joe 1st Round Supplemental 39th overall, OF University of San Diego, Pittsburgh Pirates
Trained with Elite and EBS Participant

Grant Hockin 2nd Round 61st overall, RHP Damien HS, Cleveland Indians
EBS Participant

Josh Morgan 3rd Round 95th overall, SS Orange Lutheran HS, Texas Rangers
EBS Participant

Trevor Megill 3rd Round 104th overall, RHP Loyola Marymount University, St Louis Cardinals
EBS Participant

Shane Mardirosian 7th Round 215th overall, 2B Martin Luther King HS, Cincinnati Reds
EBS Participant

Luke Dykstra 7th Round 223rd overall, 2B Westlake HS, Atlanta Braves
EBS Participant

Reed Reilly 7th Round 224th overall, RHP Cal Poly Slo, Boston Red Sox
Trained with Elite, Team and EBS Participant

Corey Miller 10th Round 312th overall, RHP Pepperdine, Oakland A’s
Trained with Elite, Team and EBS Participant

Nigel Nootbaar 12th Round 361st overall, RHP USC, Baltimore Orioles
Elite Team

Austin Davidson 13th Round 394th overall, 3B Pepperdine, Washington Nationals
EBS Participant

Grahamm Wiest 14th Round 413th overall, RHP Cal St Fullerton, Colorado Rockies
Elite Team and EBS Participant

Jacob Ehret 14th Round 425th overall, RHP UCLA, Cincinnati Reds
EBS Participant

Trent Gilbert 15th Round 462nd overall, 2B University of Arizona, Oakland A’s
EBS Participant

Tristan Hildebrandt 16th Round 495th overall, SS Esperanza HS, St Louis Cardinals
EBS Participant

Garrett Mundell 18th Round 540th overall, RHP Fresno St, Arizona Diamondbacks
Trained with Elite, Team and EBS participant

Connor Seabold 19th Round 571st overall, RHP Newport Harbor HS, Baltimore Orioles
EBS Participant

Clay Williamson 19th Round 574th overall, OF Cal St Fullerton, Washington Nationals
Trained with Elite, Team and EBS Participant

Derek Campbell 20th Round 592nd overall, 2B University of California Berkley, Philadelphia Phillies
Trained with Elite, Team and EBS Participant

Koby Gauna 20th Round 612th overall. RHP Cal St Fullerton, Oakland A’s
EBS Participant

David Armendariz 23rd Round  698th overall, OF Cal Poly Pomona, Cleveland Indians
EBS Participant

Austin Pettibone 24th Round 726th overall, RHP University of Santa Barbara, Texas Rangers
Elite Team and EBS Participant

Denis Karas 24th Round 731st overall, 3B Campolindo HS, Pittsburgh Pirates
EBS Participant

Travis Radke 25th Round 747th overall, University of Portland, LHP San Diego Padres
Elite Team

Tanner Kiest 28th Round 832nd overall, Chaffey College, RHP Philadelphia Phillies
EBS Participant

Nick Hynes 30th Round 908th overall, Riverside College, RHP Cleveland Indians
EBS Participant

Denz’l Chapman 32nd Round 972nd overall, Junipero Serra HS, OF Oakland A’s
EBS Participant

Brandon Koch 33rd Round 991st overall, Temecula Valley HS, RHP Baltimore Orioles
EBS Participant

Colin Welmon 34th Round 1031st overall, Loyola Marymount University, RHP Pittsburgh Pirates
Elite Team and EBS Participant

Jonathan Teaney 35th Round 1045th overall, Quartz Hill HS, RHP New York Mets
EBS Participant

Chris Hudgins 35th Round 1052th overall, Valhalla HS, C New York Yankees
EBS Participant

DJ Peters 36th Round 1069th overall, Glendora HS, OF Chicago Cubs
EBS Participant

Garrett King 36th Round 1075th overall, Orange Lutheran HS, RHP New York Mets
EBS Participant

Brandon Gonzales 36th Round 1083rd overall, Villa Park HS, OF Kansas City Royals
EBS Participant

Eric Ramirez 37th Round 1106th overall, Rio Mesa HS, 1B Milwaukee Brewers
EBS Participant

Quinn Brodey 37th Round 1114th overall, Loyola HS, LHP Washington Nationals
EBS Participant

Brock Lundquist 37th Round 1122nd overall, Fountain Valley HS, OF Oakland A’s
EBS Participant

Griffin Canning 38th Round 1133rd overall, Santa Margarita HS, RHP Colorado Rockies
EBS Participant

Nathan Rodriguez 39th Round 1163rd overall, El Dorado HS, C Colorado Rockies
EBS Participant

Sam Moore 40th Round 1209th overall, University of California Irvine, RHP Los Angeles Dodgers
EBS Participant

+2013 MLB Draft

Elite Baseball High School Players

Dominic Smith – 1st Rd (11th Overall), 1B, Serra HS (CA), New York Mets

J.P. Crawford – 1st Rd (16th Overall), SS, Lakewood HS (CA), Philadelphia Phillies

Ryan McMahon - 2nd Rd (42nd Overall), 3B, Mater Dei HS (CA), Colorado Rockies

Dom Nunez – 6th Rd (169th Overall), 3B, Elk Grove HS (CA), Colorado Rockies

Chris Rivera – 7th Rd (215th Overall), SS, El Dorado HS (CA), St. Louis Cardinals

Dane McFarland – 12th Rd (360th Overall), CF, JSerra Catholic HS (CA), Arizona Diamondbacks

Jonah Arenado – 16th Rd (492nd Overall), 3B, El Toro HS (CA), San Francisco Giants

Scott Burke – 31st Rd (917th Overall), RHP, Glendora HS (CA), Houston Astros

Cortland Cox – 32nd Rd (951st Overall), RHP, Riverside CC,  Cleveland Indians

Jeremy Martinez – 37th Rd (1098th Overall), C, Mater Dei HS (CA), Chicago Cubs

Tim Richards – 40th Rd (1192nd Overall), SS, Woodrow Wilson HS (CA), Miami Marlins

Elite Baseball Collegiate Players

Michael Lorenzen – Comp Rd A (38th Overall), RHP, CSU Fullerton, Cincinnati Reds

Kenny Mathews – 7th Rd (201st Overall), LHP, Riverside CC, Cleveland Indians

Adam Plutko – 11th Rd (321st Overall), RHP, UCLA, Cleveland Indians

Colton Plaia – 15th Rd (446th Overall), C, Loyola Marymount, New York Mets

Corey Miller – 16th Rd (482nd Overall), RHP, Pepperdine, Milwaukee Brewers

Michael Swanner – 16th Rd (493rd Overall), RHP, Pepperdine, Atlanta Braves

Reed Reilly – 18th Rd (549th Overall), RHP, Cal Poly SLO, Baltimore Orioles

Tanner Keist – 27th Rd (814th Overall), RHP, Riverside CC, Los Angeles Dodgers

Cory Hahn – 34th Rd (1020 Overall), CF, Arizona State, Arizona Diamondbacks

Derek Campbell – 36th Rd (1068th Overall), SS, Cal, Chicago Cubs

+2012 MLB Draft

Elite Baseball High School Players

Lucas Giolito - 1st Rd (16 overall), RHP, Harvard Westlake HS (CA), Washington Nationals

Daniel Robertson - 1st Rd Supplemental (34 overall), SS, Upland HS (CA), Oakland Athletics

Tanner Rahier - 2nd Rd (78 overall), SS, Palm Desert HS(CA), Cincinnati Reds

Kyle Twomey - 3rd Rd (106 overall), LHP, El Dorado HS (CA), Oakland Athletics

Kieran Lovegrove - 3rd Rd (110 overall), RHP, Mission Viejo HS (CA), Cleveland Indians

Rio Ruiz - 4th Rd (129 overall), 3B, Bishop Amat HS (CA), Houston Astros

Nick Halamandaris - 8th Rd (251 overall), 1B, Stevenson School (CA), Seattle Mariner

Ty Moore - 25th Rd (787 overall), OF, Mater Dei HS (CA), New York Yankees

Cody Poteet - 27th Rd (834 overall), RHP, Christian (San Diego) HS (CA), Washington Nationals

Cole Irvin - 29th Rd (895 overall), LHP, Servite HS (CA), Toronto Blue Jays

Austin Rei - 38th Rd (1150 overall), C, Campolindo HS (CA), Minnesota Twins

Elite Baseball Collegiate Players

Brandon Brennan – 4th Rd (141 overall), RHP, Orange Coast College, Chicago White Sox

DJ Crumlich – 9th Rd (286 overall), SS, UC Irvine, Pittsburgh Pirates

Stefan Sabol - 17th Rd (530 overall), C, Orange Coast College, New York Mets

Colton Plaia - 33rd Rd (1002 overall), C, Loyola Marymount University, Baltimore Orioles

+2011 MLB Draft

Elite Baseball High School Players

Henry Owens - 1st Rd Supplemental (36 overall), LHP, Edison HS (CA), Boston Red Sox

Joe Musgrove - 1st Rd Supplemental (46 overall), RHP, Grossmont HS (CA), Toronto Blue Jays

Austin Hedges - 2nd Rd (86 overall), C, JSerra Catholic HS (CA), San Diego Padres

Kenny Mathews - 12th Rd (372 overall), LHP, Diamond Bar HS (CA), New York Mets

Mathew Troupe - 17th Rd (539 overall), RHP, Chaminade Prep HS (CA), New York Yankees

Connor Burke - 19th Rd (583 overall), 2B, La Serna HS (CA), Florida Marlins

Austin Davidson - 21st Rd (652 overall), IF, Oxnard HS (CA), Boston Red Sox

Zachary Davies - 26th Rd (785 overall), RHP, Mesquite HS (AZ), Baltimore Orioles

Trent Boras - 30th Rd (911 overall), 3B, JSerra Catholic HS (CA), Milwaukee Brewers

Jacob Ehret- 37th Rd (1123 overall), RHP, San Dimas HS (CA), Florida Marlins

Daniel Arellano- 39th Rd (1196 overall), OF, Centennial HS (CA), Atlanta Braves

Trent Gilbert- 40th Rd (1213 overall), SS, Torrance HS (CA), Florida Marlins

Dante Flores- 41st Rd (1253 overall), 2B, St. John Bosco HS (CA), San Diego Padres

Andrew Vasquez- 44th Rd (1326 overall), LHP, Los Osos HS (CA), Kansas City Royals

Travis Radke- 45th Rd (1375 overall), LHP, Oaks Christian (CA), Cincinnati Reds

Nathaniel Causey- 46th Rd (1398 overall), C, Gilbert HS (AZ), Colorado Rockies

Zach Regier- 49th Rd (1491 overall), OF, Gilbert HS (AZ), Chicago White Sox

Elite Baseball Collegiate Players

Danny Pulfer - 19th Rd (574 overall), 2B, University of Oregon, Arizona Diamondbacks

Brian Hernandez - 27th Rd (825 overall), 3B, UC Irvine, LA Angels of Anaheim

Steven Selsky - 33th Rd (1015 overall), RF, University of Arizona, Cincinnati Reds

DJ Crumlich - 38th Rd (1142 overall), SS, UC Irvine, Pittsburgh Pirates

Shane Boras - 39th Rd (1186 overall), 2B, Southern California, Oakland Athletics

+2010 MLB Draft

Elite Baseball High School Players

Christian Yelich - 1st Rd (23 overall), 1B, Westlake HS (CA), Florida Marlins

Chad Lewis - 4th Rd (125 overall), 3B, Marina HS (CA), Oakland Athletics

Adam Plutko - 6th Rd (183 overall), RHP, Glendora HS (CA), Houston Astros

Gabe Encinas - 6th Rd (205 overall), RHP, St. Paul HS (CA), New York Yankees

Michael Lorenzen - 7th Rd (221 overall), CF, Fullerton HS (CA), Tampa Bay Rays

William Swanner - 15th Rd (470 overall), C, La Costa Canyon HS (CA), Colorado Rockies

Stefan Sabol - 17th Rd (524 overall), C, Aliso Niguel HS (CA), Atlanta Braves

Dominic Ficocello - 23rd Rd (703 overall), SS, Fullerton HS (CA), Detroit Tigers

Cory Hahn - 26th Rd (784 overall), CF, Mater Dei HS (CA), San Diego Padres

Brandon Brennan - 40th Rd (1220 overall), RHP, Capistrano Valley HS (CA), Colorado Rockies

Elite Baseball Collegiate Players

Kyle Petter - 34th Rd (1020 overall), LHP, El Camino College, Cleveland Indians

Steven Tinoco - 34th Rd (1031 overall), 1B, Cal State Long Beach, Tampa Bay Rays

Steve Selsky - 34th Rd (1040 overall), RF, University of Arizona, Colorado Rockies

+2007 MLB Draft

Elite Baseball High School Players

Mike Moustakas - 1st Rd (2 overall), SS, Chatsworth HS (CA), Kansas City Royals

Matt Dominguez - 1st Rd (12th overall), 3B Chatsworth HS (CA), Florida Marlins

Freddie Freeman - 2nd Rd (78 overall), 1B, El Modena HS (CA), Atlanta Braves

Elite Baseball Collegiate Players

James Simmons -1st Rd (26 overall), UC Riverside, Oakland Athletics

+University of Arizona

Bobby Coyle - Chatsworth High School (2007)

Jason Stoffel - Agoura High School (2007)

Steve Selsky - Loyola High School (2008)

Trent Gilbert - Torrance High School (2011)

Matthew Troupe - Chaminade High School (2011)

Nick Hynes - Covina High School (2012)

Eric Flores - Glendora High School (2014)

Matt Hartman - Calvary Christian (2014)

Daniel Millwee - San Dimas High School (2014)

Tyler Flores - Westlake High School (2016)

+Arizona State University

Cory Hahn - Mater Dei High School (2010)

Rouric Bridgewater - Diamond Ranch High School (2011)

Nathaniel Causey - Gilbert High School (2011)

Zach Davies - Mesquite High School (2011)

Kieran Lovegrove - Mission Viejo High School (2012)

+University of Arkansas

Dominic Ficocello - Fullerton Union High School (2010)

Nathan Rodriguez - El Dorado High School (2014)

+Auburn University

Brett Olson - Corona Del Mar High School (2014)

+Azusa Pacific University

Joel Belk - Los Osos High School (2011)

Sean Aspinal - Upland High School (2013)

Dillon Miyashairo - Santa Margarita High School (2014)

+Boston College

Stephen Sauter - Troy High School (2012)

+Brown University

Wes Van Boom - Santa Margarita High School (2010)


Parker Starr - Canyon High School (2011)

+University of California, Berkeley

Derek Campbell- Mater Dei High School (2010)

Michael Jordan- Murrieta Valley High School (2011)

Keaton Siomkin - JSerra High School (2011)

Chris Paul- Laguna Beach High School (2011)

Nick Halamandaris- Stevenson High School (2012)

Jake Schulz - La Costa Canyon High School (2012)

John Soteropulos - Loyola High School (2012)

Dennis Karas - Campolindo High School (2013)

Matt Ladrech - Campolindo High School (2013)

Robbie McInerny - Laguna Beach High School (2013)

Robbie Tenerowicz- Campolindo High School (2013)

Preston Grand Pre - Laguna Beach High School (2014)

Erik Martinez - South Hills High School (2014)

Chris Murphy - Granda Hills High School (2016)

Sam Cachola - Mater Dei High School (2017)

+Bucknell University

Sam Clark - El Toro High School (2013)

+Central Michigan University

Tyler Russel - Vista Murrieta High School (2013)

+University of California, Davis

Kyle Mihaylo - Aliso Viejo High School (2007)

Johnny Miller - Canyon High School (2011)

Tanner Bily - JSerra High School (2012)

+University of California, Irvine

Brian Hernandez - Bishop Alemany High School (2007)

DJ Crumlich - Irvine High School (2008)

Nick Farinacci - Agoura High School (2008)

Jimmy Litchfield - Sonora High School (2010)

Austin Walker - Crespi Carmelite High School (2010)

Trent Zaks - Cypress High School (2010)

Tyler Krause - JSerra High School (2011)

Sam Moore - Palos Verdes Peninsula High School (2011)

Jonathan Munoz - Diamond Bar High School (2011)

Grant Palmer - El Segundo High School (2011)

Kris Paulino - Tesoro High School (2011)

Michael Duarte - St. John Bosco High School (2012)

Elliott Surrey - La Crescenta High School (2012)

Jordan Scheftz - University High School (2013)

Shaun Vetrovec - Newport Harbor High School (2014)

Matt Majors - Trabuco Hills High School (2014)

Alonzo Garcia - San Fernando High School (2014)

Michael Filia - Irvine High School (2015)

+University of California, Los Angeles

Brett Krill - Aliso Niguel High School (2008)

Adam Plutko - Glendora High School (2010)

Austin Hedges - JSerra High School  (2011)

Zach Ortiz - Cypress High School (2011)

Eric Filia-Snyder - Edison High School (2011)

Shane Zeile - Valencia High School (2011)

Jacob Ehret - San Dimas High School (2011)

Trent Chatterton - Pacifica High School (2012)

Lucas Giolito - Harvard-Westlake High School (2012)

Nick Kern - Brea-Olindo High School (2012)

Ty Moore - Mater Dei High School (2012)

Felipe Perez - Fairmont Prep High School (2012)

Daniel Robertson - Upland High School (2012)

Cody Poteet - San Diego Christian High School (2012)

Chase Radan - Mater Dei High School (2012)

Scott Burke - Glendora High School (2013)

Brett Stephens - Campolindo High School (2013)

Scott Jarvis - Bellarmine Prep High School (2013)

Griffin Canning - Santa Margarita High School (2014)

Grant Hockin - Damien High School (2014)

Nathan Hadley - Loyola High School (2014)

Josh Morgan - Orange Lutheran High School (2014)

John Olsen - Damien High School (2015)

Dayton Provost - Hart High School (2015)

Jake Pries - JSerra Catholic High School (2015)

Chase Strumpf - JSerra High School (2016)

Blake Rutherford - Chaminade High School (2016)

+University of California, Riverside

James Simmons - Norco High School (2004)

Kevin Davidson - Yucaipa High School (2011)

Tanner Kiest - Yucaipa High School (2011)

Cody Rogina - Los Osos High School (2011)

Adam Daymude - Huntington Beach High School (2012)

Gabe Getner - Roosevelt High School (2013)

+University of California, San Diego

Sam Michaels - Woodbridge High School (2008)

Jack Lombardi - Loyola High School (2011)

Trevor Scott - Dana Hills High School (2011)

Tyler Durna - Ayala High School (2014)

+University of California, Santa Barbara

Steven Fisher - San Marcos High School (2011)

Austin Petibone - Esperanza High School (2011)

Andrew Vasquez - Los Osos High School (2011)

Eric Fuller - Santa Margarita High School (2012)

Justin Jacome - Redlands East Valley High School (2012)

Art Moran-Vidrio - Orange Lutheran High School (2012)

Robbie Nesovic - Grossmont High School (2012)

Noah Davis - Huntington Beach High School (2014)

Shane Mardirosian - King High School (2014)

Steven Elliot - Alta Loma High School (2015)

Bailey Falter - Chino Hills High School (2015)

Sam Cohen - JSerra High School (2015)

Steven Elliot - Alta Loma High School (2015)

Chris Lincoln - Rancho Verde High School (2015)

+Cal Lutheran University

Tyler Hebda - Loyola High School (2011)

+Cal State Bakersfield

Dylan Christensen - JSerra High School (2009)

Grant Campbell - Garces Memorial (2011)

+Cal State Dominguez Hills

Freddy Medina - Century High School (2004)

+Cal State Fullerton

Austin Kingsolver - Dana Hills High School (2008)

Mike Morrison - Cypress High School (2008)

Michael Lorenzen - Fullerton Union High School (2010)

Cody Webster - Santa Margarita High School (2010)

Grahamm Wiest - JSerra Catholic High School (2010)

Jose Cardona - El Camino Real High School (2011)

Matt Chapman - El Toro High School (2011)

Koby Gauana - St. John Bosco High School (2011)

Willie Kuhl - Mission Viejo High School  (2011)

Kenny Mathews - Diamond Bar High School  (2011)

Austin Saenz - Mission Viejo High School (2011)

Clay Williamson - JSerra High School (2011)

Bryan Conant - Alta Loma High School (2012)

AJ Kennedy - Savannah High School (2012)

Joe Navilhon - Freedom High School (2012)

Tim Richards - Long Beach Wilson High School (2013)

Chris Rivera - El Dorado High School (2013)

Chad Hockin - Damien High School (2013)

Connor Seabold - Newport Harbor High School (2013)

Tristan Hildebrant - Esperanza High School (2014)

DJ Peters - Glendora High School (2014)

Chris Hudgins - Valhalla High School (2014)

Brett Connie - El Modena High School (2015)

+Cal State Northridge

Ryan Raslowsky - Mission Viejo High School (2011)

AB Blanchett - Irvine High School (2013)

Andrew Merken - Acalanes High School (2013)

Brock Eissman - San Clemente (2013)

Matt Campbell - Semi Valley High School (2014)

Joey Deceglie - Los Osos High School (2014)

Ricky Rivera - Alta Loma High School (2016)

+Cal Poly SLO

Macaulay Anderson - Dana Hills High School (2008)

David Armendariz - Notre Dame High School (2010)

Reed Reilly - JSerra High School (2010)

Michael Dingilian - Chaminade High School (2011)

Garrett Fleetwood- Capistrano Valley High School (2011)

John Balliet- Mission Viejo High School (2014)

Michael Gomez - Upland High School (2014)

Nick Meyer - Santa Margarita High School (2015)

Luke Williams - Dana Hills High School (2015)

RJ Peace - Serrano High School (2015)

Dylan Doherty - Foothill High School (2015)

+Chapman University

Ben Owens - Northwood High School (2007)

Roarke Anderson - JSerra High School (2009)

Andrew Felikian - Servite High School (2012)

+Concordia University

Matt Ivanoff - Mission Viejo High School (2007)

Alex Lightfoot - Valencia High School (2011)

+University of Connecticut

Blake Davey - Newport Harbor High School (2011) (Cypress College)

Niko Darras - JSerra Catholic High School (2012)

+Cornell University

Matt Hall - La Costa Canyon High School (2011)


Nick Lombardi - Saugus High School (2011)

Clay Chatham - JSerra Catholic High School (2014)

+Duke University

Ryan Day - Los Osos High School (2014)

+Eastern Michigan University

John Montgomery - JSerra High School (2013)

+Florida International University

Josh Anderson - Poway High School (2010)

+Fordham University

Brandon Miraz - Mater Dei High School (2013)

+Fresno State University

Garrett Mundell - El Toro High School (2011)

Kevin Viers - Esperanza High School (2012)

Fred Schlichtholz - Coronado High School (2013)

Luke Dykstra - Westlake High School (2014)

+Fullerton College

Troy Mulcahey - Crescenta Valley High School (2012)

+Georgia Tech

Arden Pabst - Harvard-Westlake High School (2013)

+Haverford College (PA)

Max Gerard - Newport Harbor High School (2011)

+University of Hawaii

LJ Brewster - Huntington Beach High School (2012)

Shane Grace - Huntington Beach High School (2012)

Eric Ramirez - Mira Mesa High School (2013)

+University of Hawaii-Hilo

Sean Nearhoff - El Toro High School (Saddleback College) (2010)

+University of Iowa

Kyle Wade - Chino Hills High School (2014)

John Buckley - Ayala High School (2015)

+Irvine Valley College

Will Olsen - Los Alamitos High School (2010)

Eric Peruzzi - Laguna Beach High School (2011)

+Johns Hopkins University

Daniel Albert- Newport Harbor High School (2013)

+University of Kansas

Steven Villines - El Toro High School (2013)

Joven Afner - Vista Murrieta High School (2013)

+Lewis & Clark College

Nick Lockwood - Irvine High School (2013)

+Long Beach State University

Brian Capon - Mission Viejo High School (2007)

Steven Tinoco - Tesoro High School (2009)

Matt Balliet - Mission Viejo High School (2010)

Austin Boyle - El Modena High School (2010)

Zack Belanger - Cypress High School (2011)

Eric Hutting - Tesoro High School (2012)

Brock Lundquist - Fountain Valley High School (2014)

Darren McCaughan - Los Alamitos High School (2014)

Joey Sanchez - Orange Lutheran High School (2014)

Ryan Mendoza - Birmingham High School (2016)

+Loyola Marymount University

Angelo Songco - Bishop Alemany High School (2007)

Brett Dahlson - JSerra High School (2010)

Gabe Encinas - St. Paul High School (2010)

Jake Medina - Mater Dei High School (2010)

Colton Plaia - JSerra High School (2010)

Arman Valenzuela - Northview High School (2010)

Chris Barnett- El Modena High School (2011)

Joey Boney - Canyon High School (2011)

Brandon Horth - Woodbridge High School (2011)

Trevor Megill - Marina High School (2011)

Colin Welmon - Foothill High School (2011)

Taylor Megill - Los Alamitos High School (2014)


Hayden Cornwell - JSerra High School (2011)

+University of Miami

Christian Yelich - Westlake High School (2010)

Henry Owens- Edison High School (2011)

+Mississippi State University

Gavin Collins - El Toro High School (2013)

Aaron Dominguez - Chino Hills High School (2014)

+University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Brian Menendez -Bishop Amat High School (2014)


Connor Deneen - Beckman High School (2012)

Travis Blue - Orange Lutheran High School (2013)

Nick Paglialonga - El Toro High School (2013)

+University of Nebraska

Garrett King - Orange Lutheran High School (2014)

Dillon Brown - Foothill High School (2016)

+University of Nevada

Kyle Hunt - Capistrano Valley High School (2011)

Jake Caron - Huntington Beach High School (2013)

Ruben Cardenas - Bishop Alemany High School (2014)

+New Mexico State

Matt Moriarty - Capistrano Valley High School (2013)

+University of Northern Colorado

Nick Tanner - Trabuco Hills High School (2013)

+Northwest Missouri State University

Rod Schmidt - Edison High School (2012)

+University of Notre Dame

Charlie Vorsheck - Mater Dei High School (2014)

+Orange Coast College

Zach Nehrir - El Modena High School (2011)

Cristian Salina - Capistrano Valley High School (2012)

+University of Oregon

Danny Pulfer - Marina High School (2008)

Brandon Brennan - Capo Valley High School (2010)

Stefan Sabol - Aliso Viejo High School (2010)

Nick Catalano - Esperanza High School (2012)

Cole Irvin - Servite High School (2012)

Mitchell Tolman - El Toro High School (2012)

Dane McFarland - JSerra High School (2013)

Daniel Patzlaff - Fountain Valley High School (2014)

Alex Jackson - Rancho Bernardo High School (2014)

Kyle Robeniol - Los Osos High School (2014)

Tyler Witt - Claremont High School (2015)

Brandon Perez - Mater Dei High School (2015)

Ezra Steinberg - Harvard Westlake High School (2015)

+Oregon State University

Dan James - El Toro High School (2013)

+University of the Pacific

Sean Sullivan - Santa Margarita High School (2007)

Robbie Mansfield - Orange Lutheran High School (2010)

Tommy Bell - Orange Lutheran High School (2012)

Justin Thaxton - Regis Jesuit High School (2014)

Ryan Beyer - Glendora High School (2015)

+Penn State University

Sean Parvin - Northwood High School (2008)

Matt Paradise - JSerra High School (2009)

+Pepperdine University

Chris Amezquita - Servite High School (2008)

Alex Najera - Canyon High School (2010)

Michael Swanner - La Costa Canyon High School (2010)

Will Swanner - La Costa Canyon High School (2010)

Austin Davidson - Oxnard High School (2011)

David Hubinger - St. Francis High School (2011)

Corey Miller - JSerra High School (2011)

Quincy Quintero - Valencia High School (2011)

Brad Anderson - Esperanza High School (2012)

Cody Nulph - Orange Lutheran High School (2012)

Aaron Barnett - Capistrano Valley High School (2013)

Brandon Caruso - Loyola High School (2013)

Jon Reid - Bonita High School (2013)

+University of Portland

Travis Radke - Oaks Christian High School (2011)

Ryan Barr - Mater Dei High School (2012)

Davis Tomanaga - Mater Dei High School (2013)

+Purdue University

John Reisinger - Santa Margarita High School (2009)

Kyle Johnson - Torrey Pines High School (2011)

+Princeton University

Ryan Albert - Newport Harbor High School (2010)

Blake Thomsen - Mater Dei High School (2011)

Kevin Thomsen - Santa Margarita High School (2014)

+Rice University

Christian Molfetta - JSerra Catholic High School (2015)

+Riverside City College

Daniel Arellano - Centennial High School (2011)

Cortland Cox - Alta Loma High School (2011)

Michael Deceglie - Los Osos High School (2012)

+University of Rochester

Brandon Heinrich - JSerra Catholic High School (2013)

+University of San Diego

Darrin Campbell- Aliso Niguel High School (2006)

Connor Joe- Poway High School (2011)

Ben Wylly- Woodbridge High School (2011)

James Bonds - Valencia High School/College of the Canyons (2011)

PJ Conlon- El Dorado High School (2012)

Preston Caldera- Archbishop Mitty High School (2012)

Tanner Rahier - Palm Desert High School (2012)

Andre Real- Orange Lutheran High School (2012)

Zach Gloyne - JSerra Catholic High School (2013)

Kevin Collard - Rancho Buena Vista High School (2014)

Jonathan Teaney - Quartz Hill High School (2014)

Jay Schuyler - Dana Hills High School (2015)

+San Diego State University

Joe Musgrove - Grossmont High School (2011)

TJ Kendzora - El Toro High School (2010)

Josh Anderson - Poway High School (2010)

Chad Lewis - Marina High School (2010)

Ryan Muno - Mission Viejo High School (2011)

Braden Peters - Tesoro High School (2011)

Bernardo Zavala - Bishop Amat High School (2011)

Israel Fuentes - Chino Hills High School (2014)

Niko Navarro - Los Osos High School (2015)

Denzel Chapman - Junipero Serra High School (2014)

Harrison Pyatt - Esperanza High School (2014)

+University of San Francisco

Ryan Matranga - Santa Margarita High School (2012)

Connor Starkweather - Servite High School (2013)

Louis Raymond - Dana Hills High School (2014)

+San Francisco State University

Zach Pereyra - Diamond Bar High School (2012)

+San Jose State University

Shane Timmons - Capistrano Valley High School (2013)

+Santa Clara University

Max Deering - JSerra High School (2010)

Justin Gisch - Northwood High School (2011)

Jake Brodt - Huntington Beach High School (2013)

+St. John’s University

RJ Brotzman - Carter High School (2013)

+St. Joseph’s College of Indiana

Jack Teah - JSerra High School (2011)

+St. Joseph’s University

Quinn Renner - JSerra High School (2009)

+St. Mary’s University

Dalton Frize - Orange Lutheran High School (2012)

Dominic Bastone - JSerra Catholic High School (2013)

Charles Zaloumis - Monte Vista (2015)

+University of Southern California

Shane Boras - JSerra High School (2008)

Kyle Richter - Santa Margarita High School (2010)

Trent Boras - JSerra High School (2011)

Dante Flores - St. John Bosco High School (2011)

Nigel Nootbaar - El Segundo High School (2011)

AJ LaBruna- Loyola High School (Duke) (2011)

Kyle Twomey - El Dorado High School (2012)

Rio Ruiz - Bishop Amat Memorial High School (2012)

Conner Sullivan - Orange Lutheran High School (2012)

Sam Carmack - Palos Verdes High School (Maryland) (2012)

Joe Corrigan - Harvard Westlake High School (2013)

J.P. Crawford - Lakewood High School (2013)

Corey Dempster- Loyola High School (2013)

Jeremy Martinez - Mater Dei High School (2013)

Ryan McMahon - Mater Dei High School (2013)

Andrew Wright - Cathedral Catholic High School (2013)

Roosevelt Bates - Victor Valley High School (2014)

Brad Wegman - Great Oak High School (2014)

Solomon Bates - Victor Valley High School (2015)

Lars Nootbaar - El Segundo High School (2015)

Austin Russ - Hart High School (2015)

Josh Stephen - Mater Dei High School (2016)

Brady Shockey - JSerra Catholic High School (2016)

Albert Carrillo - Tustin High School (2014)

Blake Sabol - Aliso Niguel High School (2016)

John Thomas - Harvard Westlake High School (2016)

+Stanford University

Quinn Brodey - Loyola High School (2014)

Christian Molfetta - JSerra High School (2015)

+Stevens College

Jayson Yano - El Toro High School (2012)

Michael Yorita - Sage Hill High School (2012)

+University of Tennessee

Trevor Bettencourt - St. Francis High School (2012)

Trevor Charpie - JSerra Catholic High School (2012)

Nick Senzel - Farragut High School [Tennessee] (2013)

Kyle Serrano - Farragut High School [Tennessee] (2013)

Sean Skelly - El Toro High School (2015)

+University of Texas

Parker Joe Robinson - JSerra Catholic High School (2014)

+Transylvania University

Bryce Crader - JSerra Catholic High School (2013)

+United States Naval Academy

Connor Deneen - Beckman High School (2012)

+University of Utah

Konnor Armijo - Mater Dei High School (2010)

Cooper Moore - Huntington Beach High School (2015)

+Vanderbilt University

Patrick Sandoval - Mission Viejo High School (2015)

+Valparaiso University

Chris Manning -  El Toro High School (2010)

Bryce Hara - Northwood High School (2010)

Andrew Bynum - Oceanview High School (2010)

Sam Shakin - Chatsworth High School (2015)

+University of Washington

Branden Berry - Rancho Bernardo High School (2011)

Josh Cushing - Campolindo High School (2012)

Austin Rei - Campolindo High School (2012)

Joe DeMers - College Park High School (2015)

Blake Burton - JSerra Catholic High School (2015)

Nick Kahle - Chaminade High School (2016)

+Westmont College

Will Barring - Beckman High School (2011)

+Williams College (Mass)

Bryan Jones - Mater Dei High School (2012)

+Yale University

Eric Hsieh - Dana Hills High School (2011)

Brent Lawson - Corona Del Mar High School (2012)

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